11 years ago today

Now. I’ve written this next part down so many times I’m amazed that the story never changes. Maybe it’s just the story I’ve created in my head over the last 11 years, or maybe what actually happened is so entrenched that I’ll never forget it. Either way, this is how my version goes: I was… Continue reading 11 years ago today


we were at a party, or some kind of evening gathering. my dad took us, me and a friend. we told him we were ready to leave, and we were getting our stuff. he went to another closet to get his things. i saw two guys approach him. one of them punched him in the… Continue reading missing

fifty-one days of zoloft

i wish i had never discovered the question: who am i? it plagues me. the more i probe it, the more i become incomplete. for the past year, i have tried to achieve simplicity, only to be faced with enormous effort. understanding is something that i love to do. it’s a gift and a suffering.… Continue reading fifty-one days of zoloft

in search of the truth

dear dad, for the first time since you died, i had a positive dream about you. i was playing hide and seek with my friends, we walked by your room, we saw that you were sleeping. ‘shhh, we don’t want to wake him,’ i said. we tiptoed quietly. you looked like you were right where… Continue reading in search of the truth