one step at a time

i want to go back to a time when i didn’t know about the jordan trail. a time when i wasn’t blistered, bruised, broken and beaten. a time when a toilet wasn’t a luxury, a time when water was readily available, a time when my toenails weren’t threatening to fall off. but it’s too late. … More one step at a time

my mother

how can i describe her to you? if you knew her, if you knew her at all, you’d surely agree with me: it was her smile that first won you over. we all knew this. it was a fact of the world. her big, white smile. you hoped that time would slow down each time … More my mother


I have been waiting for far too long. Since I first understood the concept of future, I have been waiting. All of the major stages in my life have been completed only to get to the next stage. Go to school to graduate and go to college. Go to college to graduate and get a … More expatriate


For the first time in my life, I wanted to die. I feel some uneasiness in recalling how much I suffered, as if thinking about it might bring it all back. I don’t know precisely how it started, or precisely how it ended, but for two weeks, it seemed to me that I could not … More flaws


I have settled down. For four months I wandered—fearfully, but happily. And then somehow I ended up back where I started. With a house, a car, a full-time job, a local bank account, a library card, a handful of close friends (that’s an exaggeration). My clothes hanging loosely on wire hangers. A watercolor on my … More roots