the pain clinic

for about a year or so, i was having issues with my foot. if you talk to me on a regular basis, you already know this. you know this story well. you may even know what i mean when I refer to ‘PF’ (plantar fasciitis). you probably got a bit tired of it. but you… Continue reading the pain clinic

11 years ago today

Now. I’ve written this next part down so many times I’m amazed that the story never changes. Maybe it’s just the story I’ve created in my head over the last 11 years, or maybe what actually happened is so entrenched that I’ll never forget it. Either way, this is how my version goes: I was… Continue reading 11 years ago today

fifty-one days of zoloft

i wish i had never discovered the question: who am i? it plagues me. the more i probe it, the more i become incomplete. for the past year, i have tried to achieve simplicity, only to be faced with enormous effort. understanding is something that i love to do. it’s a gift and a suffering.… Continue reading fifty-one days of zoloft