i am, originally, an account of one’s experiences traveling throughout australia and new zealand on her own so that one can look back on it as an old woman and relive the memories of her exciting youth. oh to be young again!

i am the true, honest feelings and thoughts one has after booking a one-way flight to australia and discovering the sometimes-wrecking sometimes-beautiful consequences this decision has on one’s mental and physical states.

i am the journal of one who struggles with living in a foreign country (and with life in general, really), of one who has lost her dad, and of one who has suffered from some annoying anxiety.

i am an attempt to be honest not only with you, but with oneself, an attempt to expose oneself, reveal all one’s vulnerabilities page by page until there is nothing but the core.

in other words, i am the evidence of a quarter-life crisis. enjoy!

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  1. Hi Anna,
    I’ m Jeremy from france.
    my girlfriend and i would like to do jordan trail in one month but from red sea to amman. I saw on your website you did it, so i would like to have more informations/tips about it.
    After a look to the map of jordan trail I was planning to find water on the trek all the 2or 3 days, is that possible or is it really nescessary to have services providers as you did?
    In the same way we were planning to walk without guide, only with map, phones, and compass, what do you thinck of it?
    And do you have advice/ tips for us?
    I thank you very much for your answer

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