sydney + brisbane

well, my adidas were a HIT. it was a monday night. i casually stumbled upon (after extensive research) this super trendy cocktail bar (the bar is literally called “this must be the place”) wearing my REI pack, sweaty tank, and—dare i even mention it—leggings. luckily there were only two other people in the place (the … More sydney + brisbane

tasmania + sydney

as predicted, a sandwich solved all of my problems. i brought a book to a hipster outdoor craft beer place (of course i did) and resolved to challenge myself and find a travel buddy. my first plan of attack was an aggressive one: sit in the hostel lobby and look as cool as possible and … More tasmania + sydney


I’ve just arrived at a motel in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. To give you an idea of Dubbo, well, first of all, it’s called DUBBO, and second of all, they have just inserted tomorrow’s breakfast through a “servery hatch” in the wall of our room. I don’t RECALL entering into a time warp, but … More DUBBO